Year 8 Medieval Day

Towards the end of Term 2, the Year 8s enjoyed the annual Medieval Day activities, including but not limited to playing medieval games from hundreds of years ago, along with learning about all the different ways men and women entertained themselves with music, singing and dance. 8B went to the auditorium to learn about all the different medieval instruments which many students thought resembled certain modern-day instruments. We also learned about many different songs and dances and even took part in some dancing, playing songs and some singing.

After that short but amazing experience, the teachers sat down and talked about the different clothes that everyone from peasants to kings wore. They were also delighted when they started putting on clothes that were copies of the clothes from so long ago. This experience taught all of 8B how much struggle went into making the clothes, as well as why people wore the clothes they did. After this, 8B went down to the covered courts and learned about the games people played to keep themselves amused. One of the more fun games was a game called “Kubb”. In this game, you must use wooden stumps and knock down your opponent’s. Once you do this your aim is to knock down the biggest stump in the middle called the “King”, which wins you the game.

Soon after all the fun games the entire class headed over to the Jennings Building and learned about the weapons and armor used in battles and wars. All the students got to wear armor, wield the weapons of old, and also use the shields. With so many variations of armor from different periods and the swords, lances, and maces 8B had too much fun playing around with everything. For the final event we played a game called “Shield Wall”. In this game those with the shields start and one end and everyone else threw “Arrows” (Tennis Balls). If the shield wall made it to the other side without too many hits, they would be considered the winners. But if the “Archers” got them more than a few times then they would be the winners.

After an amazing day of so many fun activities my favorite thing had to be learning about all the weapons and armor. But all the activities were more than just fun, they were the best. On behalf of Salesian College, I would like to thank everyone who came out to teach us, as they have shown us what life was like back then.

Aditya P
Year 8 Student