Enrichment Programs

Salesian College Oratory Program

Our Oratory Program was inspired by Don Bosco’s vision of a school as a home, a playground and a place of learning.

Don Bosco began his work with ‘the poor and abandoned’ young people of Turin in 1841. He identified these adolescents as ‘at risk’ of misbehaving and going to jail, and so he would gather them for religious instruction in the Oratory of St Francis De Sales.

The Oratory soon developed to include a youth centre, school, trade workshops and boarding facilities. He would gather them for recreation, religious instruction, Mass and prayer. He eventually acquired a permanent place in the suburb of Valdocco and named it the Oratory of St Francis de Sales.

Part of Don Bosco’s genius was that even in the midst of increasing institutionalisation, he was able to maintain the sense of familiarity, confidence and trust with the students and empower his ever increasing number of co-workers to relate to others in a similar fashion. The Oratory was founded as the complement of the family and the school, and, indeed, originally, as their supplement, for he was providing for homeless and illiterate boys.

Adopting Don Bosco’s Oratory vision, today’s Oratory Program was implemented as a way of ensuring your son will have developed several key life skills by the time he leaves Salesian College Chadstone.

At the end of Year 12, Salesian men will have developed:
  • Spiritual growth based upon our Catholic and Salesian traditions, that allows for a strong personal faith and an understanding of the diversity of the beliefs of others
  • Emotional maturity that is based upon a healthy self-identity, which allows them to relate to others in an empathetic way
  • Social awareness that comes from a strong sense of belonging, promoting positive relationships, inclusion and true respect for others
  • Academic skills and attributes that allow them to achieve academic engagement and success and access appropriate future pathways, and;

Physical maturity that allows them to engage in healthy pursuits

Our Committed Oratory Teachers

Our pastoral care program comes to life through our committed Oratory teachers, who run the Religious and Personal Development programs that are embedded into the everyday curriculum of the College. The Oratory pastoral care program is part of the fabric of the emotional and spiritual development focus that sets Salesian College apart.

Our Oratory leaders are the first point of contact for our students, and are best equipped to inform our Student Wellbeing team of any needs they identify amongst the young men in their care.