Co-Curricular Activities

Our diverse and innovative curriculum engages students in the learning process, challenges students to take responsibility for their learning and encourages them to strive for personal excellence. We cater for students across the entire ability range, providing opportunities for academically gifted students, as well as comprehensive learning support programs.

Our co-curricular program provides many sporting, cultural and other opportunities to promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle, self-esteem, and social-emotional development.

From our students

Salesian College is always committed to going above and beyond in order to assist those marginalised members of our community. We, as students, are provided with humbling opportunities to become involved and make a positive contribution to society in ways that we never knew were possible.


Through participation in our House Sports Competition, boys will develop the essential skills of coordination, cardiovascular fitness and strength. Most important is the chance for the boys to participate in competitive sport, helping them to learn the values of good sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork.

We are members of the Association of Catholic Colleges (ACC), one of Melbourne’s most esteemed sporting and cultural networks. The ACC is the key route for inter-school competitive sport. We also encourage participation in the wide range of social and recreational activities on offer.

Teams at all year levels participate in the Associated Catholic Colleges competition across all four terms. This is an extremely competitive competition which gives our athletes the opportunity to excel in AFL, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Golf, Swimming and Athletics.


Offered Representative Sports

Sports Academy Program

“Times change and we with them.”
St John Bosco


A Salesian education involves much more than classroom teaching. In addition to our varied sporting and social justice programs, our boys are provided cultural opportunities to develop and hone their music, drama, debating and public speaking skills. A range of clubs, activities and specialist programs offer boys the opportunity for cultural engagement and travel experiences.



Catholic social teaching plays a significant role in lives of our students. It teaches them what it means to be Catholic and a part of the collective community. It also fosters an understanding that small actions and contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. At the end of their time at the College, we hold confidence in our students acquiring a comprehensive understanding relating to key themes of Social Justice teachings:

  • Preferential Option for the Poor
  • Dignity of the Human Person
  • Stewardship of Creation
  • Subsidiarity and Participation
  • The Common God
  • Solidarity

In Religious Education and Senior Oratory Classes, students learnt about Caritas, St Vincent de Paul and Salesian Missions. These focuses allow students to widen their understanding of the meaning of Social Justice, the Catholic teaching and how individuals can make a real difference in the lives of others who are in need.

Local community organisations we support