Learning Support


Learning Support at Salesian College

At Salesian College, we endeavour to provide an inclusive education by ensuring all of our students are supported in their learning. Our Learning Support Department utilises a Layered Approach to providing this service to students:

  • Direct Service: This is student-specific and includes individual, group or class delivery.
  • Whole School Service: This is experienced by all and enhances the learning experience
  • Beyond the School: This involves developing links with specialist services and agencies who may be of support to students and their families

Learning Support primarily focuses on supporting students who are eligible for funding through the Literacy, Numeracy and Special Learning Needs Program. Other students with additional learning needs are catered for through our Whole School Approach to providing an inclusive learning environment.

Members of the Learning Support Department:
  • Work with students directly
  • Work with staff in a consultative role
  • Provide resources to students, staff and families
  • Contribute to curriculum development, with a focus on a differentiated curriculum
  • Explore inclusive technologies and strategies to support a wide range of learning difficulties and challenges, and;
  • Adopt a holistic approach in supporting the student in their learning

Personal Learning Plans

Students with significant learning difficulties who are eligible for funding will be assisted through a Personal Learning Plan, developed in consultation with the student, staff and parents.

The Personal Learning Plan is designed to be a customised and achievable set of learning goals for the student. The development of a Personal Learning Plan provides targeted intervention, focussing on a student’s individual strengths and areas for development in order to raise the achievement of at-risk students.

Teachers plan, monitor, manage and evaluate student achievement to identify specific learning needs and appropriate teaching and learning intervention strategies. Ongoing monitoring of student progress allows for informed decision-making regarding content, learning strategies and instruction employed.

Personal Learning Plans provide students with access to appropriate learning and strengthen their achievement by:

  • Building the students’ skills
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to learning
  • Setting realistic targets for the next stage of learning, and;
  • Identifying teaching and learning support to help students achieve their learning goals while taking into account the student’s cultural, social and health circumstances.

We are committed to ensuring your son’s learning experience is tailored to suit his individual needs. If you believe your son would benefit from a Learning Support plan, you are able to meet with our Head of Learning Support to ask those questions you’d prefer to speak about face-to-face.