Year 9

Core Curriculum

Year 9

With a purpose-built Mannix Campus, our Year 9 Program inhabits an environment for students to understand and develop their individual skills and talents.

Our Year 9 Program has been designed with the foundational understanding in mind that learning is not confined to the classroom. A time when typically boys can become disengaged, we plan for this proven disruption by providing a flexible curriculum which facilitates deep engagement and fosters resilience, providing key life skills. Our Year 9 Program academically challenges students, fosters leadership skills and raises awareness of community responsibilities.

The program provides students with the opportunity to:
  • Develop the skills needed to become independent learners
  • Engage in an exciting mixture of traditional lessons  and experiential learning activities, designed by a dynamic and dedicated staff
  • Take ownership of their Mannix Campus
  • Continue along the path of becoming lifelong learners
  • Prepare for the challenges they will encounter in the senior years of secondary education
  • Develop a strong sense of connection to our community
  • Become responsible global citizens

In addition to their Core Studies, the Year 9 program features three elective streams; Core Electives, Enrichment Electives, and Challenge Electives, which aim to provide boys with a more tailored learning experience and opportunity to expand upon their knowledge and skills. This increased choice prepares them for the Senior Years, where they begin to drill down on chosen subjects.

Year 9 Core Course of Studies

Core Studies

Traditional Electives

Enrichment Electives

Challenge Electives