The choice of a career pathway is more challenging than ever before due to the changing career landscape. At Salesian College Chadstone, we offer both the VCE and the Applied Learning (VCAL) stream alternatives. It is in the Pathways Centre that guidance is offered to each student when choosing between these options about what the right fit is for their individual needs.

Students are guided to develop a pathways plan in order to assist them to succeed while still at school. Setting clear objectives about where to get to and how to get there allows students to define their career focus and improve their study results.

Year 9

Focus begins to develop during Year 9 when students begin thinking about subject choices for Year 10 and beyond. The Year 9 Futures Day incorporates online career interest inventories in conjunction with information delivered by the Heads of Department. These opportunities provide boys with insight into potential career pathways as well as the different subjects they may need to take to study various subjects in VCE. Engagement in these programs allows the boys to start thinking about their working future.

Year 10

All Year 10 students engage in Future Focus Days. They participate in a range of activities designed to give them the best preparation possible for making future career decisions.

Activities include investigating employability skills and individual strengths, teamwork, vocational interest questionnaires as well as presentations from Tertiary Institutions, people in industry and past pupils.

Students also attend the VCE and Careers Expo where they can speak with a wide range of exhibitors regarding:

  • VCE resources and information
  • University, TAFE and training courses
  • Career advice
  • Study advice
  • Employment advice
  • Apprenticeship and traineeship advice
  • International exchange and gap year programs

Year 10 Students also receive individual course advising. These one-on-one sessions assist in developing individual pathway plans, taking into consideration possible tertiary courses and prerequisite subjects.

Looking at shorter term goals with a view to part-time employment, the boys learn to write a resume and attend financial education workshops. These workshops are designed to equip our Year 10 students with confidence and the competence they need to make informed financial decisions.

Year 11

During Year 11 students start to refine their VCE selections for Year 12 and to further develop their career plan. We strongly recommended that our Year 11 students attend Tertiary Open Days, Career Expos and utilise the University and TAFE websites and handbooks, in order to gain knowledge of all courses on offer.

Year 12

Our Year 12 students must make final decisions regarding their future options, including whether to continue with further educational study or to enter the workforce? Or, “If I am going to study, what will that entail and where will that take place?” To begin this process, all Year 12 students are interviewed by the Pathways Coordinator. In these session discussions, investigations are had regarding possible pathway options for each student.

We strongly recommended that our Year 12 students attend Tertiary Open Days, Career Expos and utilise the University and TAFE websites and handbooks in order to gain knowledge of all courses on offer. This process culminates in August with the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) application procedures and is completed in December with Change of Preference counselling. A VTAC Information Evening is held for parents, which outlines the tertiary selection process.

All Years 10,11,12 students receive regular Careers Newsletters, which explore different career options, list information sessions, seminars, courses, Open Days and other related careers events.

Every Salesian College student is encouraged to contact or make an appointment with our Pathways Coordinator to discuss any pathway related questions they may have.


In his Senior Years, your son may choose to pursue a Victorian Certificate of Education. The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is the certificate that the majority of students in Victoria receive on satisfactory completion of their secondary education. VCE is usually completed in Years 11 and 12, but can be started in Year 10. It is recognised internationally, and provides pathways to employment as well as to further study at university and TAFE.

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