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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We are currently seeking applications for the following roles.

Recruitment and Administration Officer 

The Recruitment and Administration Officer promotes the vision and mission of Salesian College and contributes to the College’s recruitment activities and its educational goals.

The key duties and responsibilities of the position are to:

  • Undertake administration tasks relating to the College’s recruitment activities
  • Provide administration support to the Assistant Principal, Strategy and Organisation
  • Undertake general administration tasks and form part of a dynamic Reception and Administration team

Applications close 8:00am, Monday 5 June 2023.

View Role Description and invitation to apply for the role  here.

2024 POL 2 Positions

We invite applications for Positions of Leadership aligned to our new Strategic Plan and POL 2 structure commencing 2024

Applications close 9:00AM, Monday 19 June 2023.

Year Level Leaders (Year 7 – Year 12)

The Year Level Leader is a faith based, learning driven leadership position overseeing the learning and pastoral care of students in a year level.

View Role Description and invitation to apply here.

Learning Leaders

The Learner Leader upholds and contributes to the Catholic ethos of the College through leading learning and teaching in their learning area, ensuring rigorous, engaging and relevant pedagogy and curriculum.

Roles in each of the following disciplines:

View Role Description and invitation to apply by clicking on the role below

Religious Education Learning Leader

Applied Learning Leader

Design Technologies Learning Leader

Digital Technologies Learning Leader 

Visual Arts Learning Leader

English Learning Leader

Human Development Learning Leader

Humanities Learning Leader

Languages Learning Leader

Mathematics Learning Leader

Performing Arts Learning Leader

Science Learning Leader  

Data Leader

The primary task of the Data Leader is to collate, analyse, interpret and use student data (qualitative and quantitative) and regularly present it to leadership and teaching staff to build their capacity.

View Role Description and invitation to apply here.

Enrichment Leader

The primary task of the Enrichment Leader is to enrich the learning experience for gifted and talented students through curriculum, programs and extra-curricular activities. It involves the identification, tracking and support of our high potential learners, along with the professional learning of teaching staff in best practice pedagogies for highly able students.

View Role Description and invitation to apply here.

Leadership Coach

The primary task of the Leadership Coach is to build the capacity of the College’s senior, middle and emerging leaders through coaching and mentoring.

View Role Description and invitation to apply here.

Sports Academy Leader

The Sports Academy Leader is responsible for developing and implementing a program to assist talented student athletes to achieve at the highest levels of performance in their various sports, and to help them with their personal education and vocational development.

View Role Description and invitation to apply here.

Sports and Extracurricular Leader

The Sport and Extracurricular Leader is responsible for developing and implementing a dynamic and relevant sporting program that caters for the individual needs of students.

View Role Description and invitation to apply here.

Casual Employment Opportunities

We accept Casual Relief Teachers (CRT) applications throughout the calendar year.

We accept Casual Relief Learning Diversity Officer applications throughout the calendar year.

To apply for these roles, send your CV to employment@salesian.vic.edu.au via the ‘Apply’ button below.

For Casual Relief teachers, please include two referees in your CV – one referee must be from a current or most recent employing Principal.

Contact us for all enquiries regarding employment at Salesian College Chadstone.


Work with Us

Salesian College is dedicated to providing a dynamic and forward-thinking environment for our students to thrive in.  Providing for the care, safety and wellbeing of our students is central to our mission.

We are a community of high expectations, devoted to helping students develop intellectual, physical, artistic and personal interests with a strong emphasis on the promotion of ongoing spiritual and faith formation.


We are committed to continuously improving and reviewing our approach to developing student support services and nurturing the diverse learning environment which benefits all students.

Salesian College is acutely aware that our greatest educational resource is our staff and we endeavour to recruit the brightest teachers and staff. We also provide the support and professional development required to ensure our staff remain at the forefront of educational delivery. With this in mind, we encourage suitable staff to consider joining our vibrant and dynamic learning community.