Parents' Association

The College Parents’ Association

The College Parents’ Association (PA) focuses on providing events and activities that promote community belonging. Mother’s and Father’s Day Breakfasts, Year 7 Welcome Morning tea, Becchi Day Morning Tea, funding of welcome gifts for new students and resources for the boys are just a few contributions that this core group provide our community.

The PA’s visual identity brings together the three core relationship elements that represent the group’s central values; Parent, Student and College. Underpinned by the Vision, to be a vibrant parent body fostering parent participation, strengthening the community.

The Mission is to play a vital role in establishing a vibrant College community where all members share a sense of connection and belonging by providing:
  • A parent voice on all relevant issues
  • Opportunities for parent engagement, and;
  • Positive support for College values and expectations

Interested to find out more about the Parents’ Association? Email to connect with us.