Year 7 and Year 8

Core Curriculum

Year 7

At the start of his journey as a Salesian student, we understand your son may be feeling nervous in his transition from primary to secondary school. To alleviate these common anxieties, we provide targeted opportunities for him to form a solid friendship base, while developing a robust foundational understanding of our 21st century curriculum. At the beginning of the year, your son will participate in Year 7 Camp, a key opportunity for him to build confidence and develop friendships with his classmates.

Along with the friendships your son makes, the relationship we build with your family is our key focus. Transition touch points are strategically designed in the year prior to enrolment, as well as the intake year, ensuring families understand the College’s commitment to the student and family partnership.

In Year 7, students undertake a Core Course of Studies in a number of key learning areas. Year 7s also have a choice of languages, they can choose either Chinese or Italian.

Year 7 Core Course of Studies

Core Studies

“Camp really helped me break down the barrier of shyness that was stopping me from making friends. Before long, my class were cheering each other on in support whenever one of us was tackling the Giant Swing. Camp has been one of my favourite experiences at Salesian College to date. The activities we participated in, such as the canoeing, the giant swing and balancing beams, tested us, but also united us as a class. Friends I made during this experience are friends who I still value today.”

Year 8

During Year 8, students are provided with more practical opportunities to apply their learning. ‘Hands-on learning’ is made a core focus during ‘Experiential Week’ when students embark on Year 8 Phillip Island Retreat, Medieval Day and Environmental Day.

Initiatives such as the Year 8 Father Son Evening provides the opportunity for fathers and sons to take time out to have meaningful conversations with one another. In facilitating this evening we aim to create an open dialogue between student and parent.
The curriculum offered at Year 8 aims to consolidate the learning which has occurred in Year 7, while providing opportunities for each student to prepare for the demands of the upcoming middle years.

Year 8 students undertake a Core Course of Studies in a number of key learning areas. In addition, students undertake four elective units a year (two per semester).

Year 8 Core Course of Studies

Core Studies