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2015 Winter Griffin

Past student and hero Firefighter Andrew Wood relives the night on the job that changed his life. Post this experience, Andrew is calling for a law to be passed to support firefighters contracting work-related cancer, and states that shedding light on mental illness is his priority.

2016 Winter Griffin

Past student and leading Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre clinician-researcher, Professor Mark Dawson’s ongoing commitment to learning and innovation is ‘leap frogging’ our understanding of cancer; transforming prevention and treatment to save and extend lives. Today, Mark is the Program Head for Haematology Cancer Therapeutics and also leads a group of researchers in the Cancer Epigenetics Laboratory at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. His research focuses on identifying new therapies for acute myeloid leukaemia (AML); a disease which holds a poor prognosis. Mark speaks candidly about the innovation landscape, his commitment to the cause and the people along the way who have helped shape his extraordinary, meaningful career path.

2016 Summer Griffin

Past student and former Head of the Defence Centre, Sydney, Commodore Alan Thompson’s extraordinary commitment to the service of Australia has spanned close to three decades. At the height of his career, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia on 26 January, 1993 for his outstanding commitment to Defence Force personnel policy development. Alan speaks humbly about his impact on the Australian Defence Force, and the moment on College grounds 54 years ago that became the turning point in understanding that the ability to alter attitudes and habits is within us all.

2018 Summer Griffin

Best-selling author and award-winning parenting educator, Class of 1973 past student Michael Grose is visibly progressive in thinking and practical in action. Some 20 years post taking a risk on a research opportunity and stepping onto the parenting stage, he today prepares the final chapter in his soon to be 11th best-selling book.

In a refreshingly straight-shooting interview, Michael shares how being open to change and learning is the key to not only remaining relevant, but excelling professionally and developmentally. He delivers insight into his own child-rearing strategies and how parenting is a forever journey – a relationship that requires commitment and considered effort across all ages and stages of the life cycle.

2017 Winter Griffin

Past student, Founder and Managing Director of Vietnamese hawker style food franchises, ‘Rolld’ and ‘Mama’s Buoi’, Bao Hoang’s ability to embrace opportunity is taking the franchise world by storm. Son to Vietnamese migrants, Van Quy and Thi Phien Hoang, Bao speaks candidly about why family is central to his global business model and his own personal quest to living an authentic life. Today, Bao is Global Winner of the NextGen Award in Franchising, and ‘Rolld’ is ranked #4 on the BRW Fast Starters Lists of all business in Australia. In his own considered and progressive style, Bao reveals how his family’s personal migrant journey is a constant reminder to embrace each day with perseverance, optimism and genuine faith in humanity.

2017 Summer Griffin

In the Summer 2017 edition of our Griffin magazine, we speak with past student (Class of 1964) and leading Golden Era Television Director turned Federal Politician, David E Charles. Working alongside entertainment industry icons, Graham Kennedy and Tony Charlton, David flourished under the pressure of the behind-the-scenes action that brought the Golden Era to households around the country. Motivated to reach further and fulfil his inherent passion for politics, David branched off from his directing career on 18 October, 1980, when he became the first past pupil to enter Federal Politics as Member for Isaacs. In an insightful and honest interview, David shares how leaps of faith in his life have proved to generate some of his greatest achievements, and how staying true to the Salesian ethos of love and Christianity remain two of the most important ingredients to achieving success.

2018 Winter Griffin

Multi-award winning ABC journalist and Class of 1998 past student Jason Om understands not only the role of storytelling at the highest level, but also the art of listening and empathy that goes with the skill of a quality journalist. With a directed, unwavering commitment to his cause of informing the public, Jason shares insight into his high school years – a difficult time in his life during which he lost his mother. He speaks candidly about his desire to get to know his culture and the woman “he didn’t get the chance to know”.
In 2018, Jason is one of ten accomplished individuals who ran for the next five-year term on the ABC Board. In an open and honest interview, Jason shares how journalism became his passion, and how his multi-faith, multi-ethnic background contributes to how he understands the world around him and where he is today.