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We seek out past and present students who inspire and encourage us to strengthen our community. Whether they have impacted thousands of people or those just nearby, what unites them is their foundations and values. If you have a story to share, or know someone who does, we want to hear from you; email,

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Sixty years ago a group of dedicated people with a clear vision brought St John Bosco’s pastoral vision to Melbourne’s rural Chadstone. Today, building developments and technological advancements communicate the College’s commitment to progress, while core pedagogical vision remains just as relevant as it was 60 years ago. Empowering young people to discover their own intrinsic goodness, while developing the skills and courage to express it in practical ways, is at the core of the Salesian Charism.

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The life lesson that I learnt here was the Salesian ethos of being a good person and a Christian. This ethos modelled a good set of values that I was able to stay true to throughout my life. It is this ethos that has been fundamental to my development, and I thank the Salesians for that. Speaking and listening to people, talking about religion and faith, is something I’ve always believed to be necessary within our society. There has to be a Christian outlook on life. It can’t be solely academic. There needs to be a soul to it.

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From Our Community

I was an undisciplined student in my early years. My results were very poor. The turning point came for me in 1962. Father Rector (Alan McDonald) addressed the students at morning assembly. We were told that we could work hard now and have an easy life, or have an easy life now and work hard forever. Father McDonald’s message had a profound effect on my young mind. I became a serious student.