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Student Wellbeing at Salesian College

Student Wellbeing is at the heart of all that we do at Salesian College, and we can be proud of our excellent record in helping students achieve the best they can through this transition phase of their life journey.

Student Wellbeing at Salesian is informed by the teachings of St John Bosco, in particular his educational theory known as the Preventive System. The Preventive System calls staff to walk alongside their students in work and play and become a trusted friend and mentor.

The Preventative System

The Preventive System is underpinned by a holistic understanding of the needs of our boys as they embark on their journey as Salesian students. We offer this understanding through a number of programs, all of which empower the individual to grow as person, to lead, to achieve and to contribute to our community and the greater society.

In connecting with the College Ethos, our vibrant and robust curriculum engages with services to promote both mental and physical health. Students at Salesian are able to grow as people and feel supported in their development.

Our diverse programs aim to foster a vibrant Catholic community that engages and develops purposeful learners who will shape the world for the common good. Through our Wellbeing system, we provide an outstanding Catholic education that integrates faith, life and culture.