The Dream that Makes you Dream

Salesian College Chadstone Masterplan

Salesian College Chadstone, is a welcoming community, renowned for its integrity and creative learning approach that brings out the best in boys.

We teach, guide and support young men to become educated and engaged citizens who respect others, themselves and the wider world.

We understand the need to listen authentically to the needs of our students.

Together with our students, parents and the wider community, we have developed a visionary College Masterplan for the school’s future, in partnership with leading education architects McIldowie Partners.

With the completion of Stage One plans in collaboration with architects McIldowie Partners, we stand at the threshold of transformation. These blueprints not only reflect our commitment to innovation but also embody our dedication to nurturing holistic growth in our students.

As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our pledge to listen attentively to the evolving needs of our community, ensuring that every decision aligns with our core values of integrity, respect, joy belonging and dynamism. Together, hand in hand with our students, parents, staff, and broader community, we eagerly anticipate the unfolding stages of the next exciting chapter of our story at Salesian College Chadstone

The Dream That Makes You Dream

Salesian College Chadstone Masterplan