LOTE Week 2023

Salesian College Language Week is designed to raise awareness of the benefits of learning an additional language and celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity in the Salesian Community. In Languages week, our students enjoyed a number of activities: such as the Gelati truck that came into our College and presented students with the opportunity to purchase and enjoy many flavours of some great Gelati such as Bubble-gum and Lemon along with much more. Throughout the week the Year 8’s as a whole were escorted to the Kimberly Hall to create authentic Italian Mosaic’s with pieces from a town in Italy that are filled to the brim with these stones that are covered in designs. But this year’s the Year 8’s weren’t the only ones having fun as the Year 7’s was given the chance to watch the Chinese Music performance. There was a plethora of instruments such as an Erhu which is a 2-stringed Chinese bowed musical instrument, the instrument has also been called the Spike Fiddle or the Southern Fiddle.  As the Year 7’s enjoyed the 80-minute performance by the Dunhuang Arts Academy. The Year 10 Language students also had a tea ceremony in their classrooms as well as having a fun time playing with some Italian card games. We would like to thank Latrobe University Confucius Institute for their support of our language Week and the Dunhuang Arts Academy for the amazing performance.

Aditya P
Year 8

For Languages week, the Year 8 students made mosaic coasters for Mother’s Day during our Italian class with hot glue guns and mosaic tiles. The mosaics were inspired by the beautiful city in Italy, Ravenna. Ravenna is an ancient and beautiful city and is known as the ‘City of Mosaics’, the churches wall and floors, and in fact everything in the city is covered in mosaics.

Troy V
Year 8