Evolution of Flight with Year 10 Core Science

Before you knew, there was something massive in the sky, you would only see birds soaring over the ocean or on the mainland. In Year 10 core science, we had an in-depth learning experience about the functions and principles of ‘flight’. We started with the basics, learning about biomimicry, airfoil, drag, and other related concepts, and eventually moved on to creating a glider that could travel distances. Throughout the topic, we conducted practical research, such as dissecting a chicken wing, creating an airfoil, and building the glider itself. During our research, we also discovered that wing shape, size, and angle all contribute to the efficiency of lift, which can be observed in different planes and their purposes. The atmosphere in the class was both hard-working and joyful, as each pair created their glider and tested its flight ability in hopes of winning the $5 canteen voucher.

On Monday, May 22nd, we finally gave our gliders their maiden flight. Some of them traveled far, while others did not travel very far at all, but we definitely had fun and crowned our winner (unfortunately, not me). We admired each other’s creativity and flight performance and realised that we’d need a lot more practice to perfect the art of making gliders.

Justin C
Year 10 Student