Rua Resource Centre Update

The Rua Resource Centre has been working on some activities during Term 2.

Lego Tournament

This tournament was held during lunch times over 7 weeks. Students enjoyed working on building with Lego bricks and competing with other students. They built a range of objects which included a Crown for a Queen, a Penguin, a House , a Tower, a Desk Organiser, a bridge , an Oskar Trophy and even a food item – Steak with Ketchup and a Carrot. But Space Ship was a winner. Oscar Murfitt from 7B won the competition and received a small set of Lego as an award.

Talking about his participation in this tournament, Oscar says –

“I really enjoyed building Lego™ creations and seeing what I could improve on next time. It was very fun building against other people and deciding whose build was better. I would like to thank all the other competitors for versing me.”

One of the semi-finalists Samrudh Shankar , who also enjoyed participating in this tournament shares his thoughts too  –

“When I did the Lego™ competition, I felt very competitive. I had many challenges and it helped me think outside the box! Even though I lost in the Semi-Finals, I loved the event and letting my creativity flow.”


Premiers’ Reading Challenge

This challenge has started in Week 3 of Term 2.  This State wide Challenge is open to students from Year 7 to Year 10.

The RRC is pleased to see active participation from so many students. All the participants together have read 1000 books so far and 13 students have already completed the challenge. Two top favourite books read by students are The Witches by Roald Dahl and Two for Joy by Zoe Sugg.

There are 78 days left for this challenge to finish. Students will need to add books on the Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) website after they complete reading them, by 8 September 2023.

Well done to all the enthusiastic readers. Keep up the good work. Complete the challenge and receive fabulous prizes along with the certificates at the end of Term 3 Assembly.

Ms. Ria Khambete 

Head of Information Services – RUA Resource Centre