Game Developer Visit

Dayaan Nazar visited our 3D Game Development class this week to share his journey in game development. He gave an overview of his career so far and delivered a presentation on his path to becoming a game developer. Dayaan began by discussing his experiences at university. He graduated from Swinburne with a double degree in Arts and Computer Science, and he elaborated on his personal experiences. Dayaan spoke about the differing abilities and knowledge of class mates and how this worked when contributing to group tasks. Dayaan’s group created a game centered around origami and movement within an environment.

Moving forward, he delved into the different opportunities available at university and the benefits of being an intern while learning. Dayaan expanded on the post-university prospects for game developers, including Indie games, AA titles, and triple-A game companies.

He provided detailed explanations on employment in the game industry, offering insights into the various in-demand fields of work sought by companies and corporations. Additionally, he spoke about his own work on the volumetric clouds system he developed as part of AFL23.

To wrap up, Dayaan taught us about shaders in Unity and helped us develop a simple wave shader material that could be used for beach scenes, water effects, and more in our games. The talk and presentation was valuable as it provided insights into university life, the evolving game industry, and advice on securing employment as a game developer. I particularly appreciated how developing a niche can help you stand out from the crowd and increase employability. Having a professional speaker visit our class was a fantastic opportunity, and we thoroughly enjoyed both the presentation and the coding task we completed with Dayaan.

Thenuk D
Year 10 Student