VCE Theatre Studies upcoming play Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet

On May 18 and 19 the 2023 VCE Theatre Studies class will be presenting two performances of the 1984 Pulitzer Prize winning play Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet.

Students must undertake two production roles involved in producing theatre with our class all acting and also completing a design role.

My design role has been sound for Act Two and has seen me create a 45 minute soundscape with street noises and so on.

Set in Chicago, the work concerns the money hungry world of real estate and land sales with the various characters competing to sell the most units.

These salesmen will lie, flatter, bribe and threaten to sell as much real estate as possible and have their name at the top of the board by the end of the month.

During the course of the play there is a data breach at Mitchell and Murray Realty Inc. a subject that is highly relevant in our 21st century world.

Act One will take place in the Jennings Room, renamed “The China Bowl” for the occasion, and will include a Chinese meal.

Act Two is in N105.

Ticket prices and start time to be confirmed once Mr Croft has worked out the cost of the Chinese meal.

James S
Drama Captain