From the Principal

2021 VCE Results

As we enter the final chapter of the year, it is with great pleasure that I share with you our 2021 academic results.

This year’s results have been exceptional by the boys and I would like to commend all students, staff, parents, and members within our community who have contributed to the many stories of boys within our care.

Rightfully put by Don Bosco, “without trust or love, there can be no good education.”

Each student achievement needs to be celebrated. We are proud of every boy for his academic achievements and wonderful contribution to school life at Chadstone, be it in the classroom, on stage performing, speaking behind a lectern, competing on the sports field or in their service to the community.

Our education at Salesian College Chadstone is holistic and focuses on being in relationship with others. This can be lost in highlighting learning achievement in numbers and scores. The results released yesterday will not define the young men who graduated from Salesian College in 2021. Rather they leave as good Christians and honest citizens with Catholic values nourished by the Salesian charism and fond friendships with one another and of our school.

As a community, we unite and congratulate and celebrate the following boys and College results: 


Travis Pemberton

Travis achieved the following Study Scores over 40:

46 Chemistry
46 English
46 Environmental science

Travis intends to study Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne.


Steven Tran
College Captain


ATAR of 90 or higher: 16% (from 7.4%) é8.6%
ATAR of 80 or higher: 36% (from 29.7%) é6.3%
ATAR of 70 or higher: 54% (from 47.9%) é6.1

VCE Completion Rate: 100%
VCAL Completion Rate: 100%
VCE Baccalaureate: 2

Media Studies – Nicholas Dimetriou-Dickson


  • Median: 31 (increase of 1)
  • Number of students with a study score above 40: 8.49% (increase of 4.6%)
  • One perfect study score of 50
  • One study score of 49 in English
  • Three study scores of 47 in Environmental Science and Further Mathematics
  • Seven Year 11 students studying a 3/4 subject achieved a 42 or over

Click here for a further VCE Results breakdown.

Many students have already received early university offers in Melbourne and interstate. We look forward in anticipation for the new year to see the offers that become available to our young men as they begin their next learning experience.

The last two years have presented extraordinary challenge for students, staff and families. With concentrated effort and focus, learning and teaching strategies were fine-tuned further to respond to boys’ needs and engagement. I commend every teacher and staff member within our community who have embraced our College values and amended strategies, giving boys the best possible opportunity to achieve their individual potential.

As we approach Christmas, I wish you and your loved ones a safe and well-earned holiday break and I look forward to what we will achieve together in 2022.

Best regards,

Mark Ashmore