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2021 VCE Highlights and Results


The Salesian College Chadstone community commends all students from the Class of 2021 on the completion of their VCE and VCAL studies and acknowledges the dedication, commitment and support that staff and families have provided to ensure students reach their potential during the unprecedented 2020 and 2021 academic years.

2021 Dux

Salesian College Chadstone congratulates 2021 Dux Travis Pemberton, who achieved an ATAR of 99.05, putting him in the top 0.95% of all Year 12 students in the state. Achieving a study score of 46 in Chemistry, English and Environmental Science, Travis is set to study Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne.

Travis takes a moment to reflect with Principal Mark Ashmore on how he remained focused and motivated among the frequent transitions between remote and onsite learning. Acknowledging the importance of learning structures and a positive support network, Travis recognises his relationships with teachers, classmates and his inner self courage and belief as essential factors to his success.

Read Travis’ interview below. 

Interview with 2021 Dux
Study Scores Over 40
Leading by Example
"Albeit a stressful and tumultuous time to be completing VCE in, the experience has definitely improved my spontaneous decision-making ability and developed my confidence in my intuition.”
- 2021 College Dux, Travis Pemberton

Leading By Example


Led by teachers who truly understand their students, independent learning has been a crucial skill students have fine tuned and maintained over the last two years; finding the motivation and passion to keep learning within themselves. Gaining skills with immense benefit in tertiary education and in the workplace, College Captain Steven Tran speaks about how self-motivation and independently-led learning has shaped his plans for the future.

“Personally, I was able to develop a very close connection to all of my subjects through online learning. With the flexibility of time, I was able to work ahead, iron over the crevices that I struggled with, and recap the areas I was proficient in. Through this, I came to develop a nuanced understanding of most, if not all aspects of all subjects that I had studied this year.

I have always been the type of student that relishes a challenge, being forced to dig deep and really push myself towards my ambitions. 2021 blew this way out of proportion, but ultimately, I am so thankful.”  

Read the full interview with College Captain Steven Tran here.

Excelling far beyond his formal student leadership role in 2021, College Captain Steven Tran (centre) balanced his academic responsibilities while remaining committed to supporting the student cohort through remote learning.


"My teachers were of great assistance to me and would always willingly reply within a few hours or help me on the spot, given we were at school."
- 2021 College Captain, Steven Tran

Educating Great Men

The COVID-19 crisis demonstrated the power of a community driven by a common purpose. In the face of many challenges, our leaders excelled and exemplified the Salesian values of Integrity and Dynamism.


Savio Captain Ben Abraham

Although leadership looked different this year, Ben recognises that sharing the burden of difficult times is key to bringing students together and leading by example.
“I believe that it is always best to provide someone with a helping hand because you will never know when you will need one yourself. The journey ahead is far bigger than just yourself, many people are involved as you make your way ahead to your greater purpose. As such, always be ready to help someone in the best way that you can, and never be too afraid to ask for help from those around you.”

“One thing I have always noted and appreciated as a special factor within Salesian is the profound sense of community that is fostered within the college’s halls. Many times I have found myself supported by students and staff whom I may not have shared a class with or known all too well, but were still able to provide me with the assistance I needed to get past an obstacle or difficulty. This community entrenched culture at Salesian is indeed something special, and is also something I will look back to with fondness in the coming years.”

Ben earned an ATAR of 97.9, a study score of 49 in English and 43 in both Software Development and Economics, and is set to pursue a double degree of Commerce and Computer Science at Monash University.


Sal Di Rienzo II VCAL Captain 

Sal was an admirable leader for our VCAL cohort this year. Spearheading the World’s Greatest Shave, Sal and the VCAL cohort raised $19,000 for blood cancer research, a record for the school.

“It was a hard year for everyone, but a memorable year for us, working together in the classroom, and out on the yard. We planned our VCAL camp, which was unfortunately not able to go ahead, but nevertheless we were proud of what we had organised for each other.”
“The best advice I can give to future senior students is not to give up, and even when it seems too hard, keep going. Year 12 can be hard if you make it that, but if you put the effort in, you can do it.”

Salvador has two pathways lined up; since finishing his second year of TAFE he can continue in Building & Construction, or he can pursue management in Retail from his ongoing work.

Excelling far beyond their formal student leadership roles in 2021, Savio Captain Ben Abraham, Music Captain Robert Costa McCance and VCAL Captain Sal Di Rienzo II (Pictured Left to Right) balanced their school responsibilities responsibilities while remaining committed to supporting the student cohort through remote learning.


Music Captain Robert Costa McCance

Respecting and loving the work you do has been Robert’s approach to success, culminating in a meaningful focus of study this year.

“A keen and invested focus on integrity in academic and daily life has guided me to gain a deep respect for the work I produce. Most important of all – in my opinion – would be the joy that the College encourages me to engender in my learning which, by extension, has always been a benefit to my experience at the school.”

Deciding on a pathway of study after Secondary School is a difficult decision for most students. For Robert, little signs led to a career in the Arts. 

“Multiple moments throughout the year that compounded to create one general realisation. They were mostly similar – being related to writing in some shape or form – but the eventual product that they produced was more significant to me compared to a singular moment at any point during the year.

Robert earned an ATAR of 87.95, and a study score of 43 in English. He’s set to pursue an Arts Degree at Melbourne University

“The College has provided me with a clear and friendly approach to learning which was both practical and genuine in execution.”
- Robert Costa McCance, Music Captain 2021

Community Connection

Our boys’ future success comes from the groundwork sown by our community; teachers, parents, staff, friends and peers. These last two years have demonstrated the importance of our community more than ever – we’ve turned to them again to reflect on the class of 2021.

From our Parents

From our Principal

From our Staff