Year 9 Biretta Class 2022

The ‘Biretta Class’ concept is based on the belief that talented boys will more readily work towards achieving their potential if they can access a dynamic, relevant and challenging curriculum in a supportive environment with their intellectual peers. The Biretta Class is in operation in our Year 9 program delivered at the Mannix Campus. The class offers highly able boys a variety of opportunities to students including independent learning, involvement in enrichment and extension activities and the development of cognitive skills

In order to ensure that all students can access learning that develops and enriches them the Biretta class in Year 9 will operate as follows:

  • The Year 9 Biretta class will operate as an Oratory group.
  • Religious Education, Humanities and Science will be undertaken as an Oratory group.
  • The Year 9 Biretta class will not be together as a class for Elective classes.
  • Advanced English and Advanced Mathematics classes will operate. A year 9 Biretta student will be in at least one of the Advanced Maths and Advanced English class.

It is important to note that a boy currently in the Biretta Class in 2021 is not guaranteed entry into the Year 9 Biretta Class in 2022.  In fact, all boys in Year 8 are eligible to apply for entry into the Year 9 Biretta Class.

The selection process will utilise a ranking process based on performances in:

  1. 2021 Semester 1 subjects (50%)
  2. ACER Test Results completed (50%)
  3. Teacher feedback

Boys’ behavioural records and their overall level of maturity will also be considered during the selection process.  A 5% loading will be added to the raw scores of boys presently in the Biretta Class to consider the more rigorous assessment processes which apply in this environment.

Entry into the Advanced English and Advanced Mathematics classes will be determined by the College and will be based upon the quality of performance in these subjects at Year 8.  Boys interested in being considered for the Year 9 Biretta Class are invited, with their parent/guardian, to complete the online Application Form by clicking the link below or pasting the URL into your internet browser

This form is to be completed online by 3pm, Monday October 18, 2021.

Families are warmly encouraged to think about the possibility of applying for a place for 2022.  Please contact Freda Pahomis at the College should you wish to discuss any matter relating to the Biretta Class.

Mark Ashmore