Literacy and Life

Year 8 Literacy and Life

In our Black Death unit this year in Literacy and Life we were assigned to come up with a videogame concept centred around medieval Europe and the Black death. We were put into small groups of three and we were given free reign to design, (faux) advertise and create a story based upon a medieval event or idea. After looking at a few different events, we settled on the Spanish inquisition, which we picked because it was a unique idea and we felt that there was a good foundation for a game built around that. We allocated everyone our group tasks and sections, such as story, marketing, and technical crafting. I myself did marketing and product design, and I designed merchandise and art for all of our products, like our inquisition bag, our inquisition logo and our inquisition disc art. I really enjoyed this project, and I have reaped a lot of useful knowledge about the middle ages and its deep, intrinsic world.

Thomas Maguire-Nguyen