Solo Music Competition Finalists

Thank you to all who entered our Solo Music Competition! We received an overwhelming number of incredible entries.

Announcing our Category Winners:

Junior Name Oratory
Woodwind Louis Quirk 7H
Percussion Patrick Cherry 8G
Guitar Ryan Ronald 8B
Piano Max Schroder 7A
Strings Andrew Byun 7G
Vocal Koby Heerah 7E
Woodwind Isaac Van Den Bosch 9B
Percussion Narichard Chan 10B
Guitar Brian Le 10F
Piano Alvin Yala 10G
Strings Isaac Van Den Bosch 9B
Vocal Aidan D’Souza 9C
Woodwind John Burns 12D
Percussion Phillip McKenzie 12B
Guitar Mattew Vovos 12E
Piano Robert Kosta McCance 11E
Strings None  
Vocal Finnba Donovan 12F

Our Category Winners received the below certificate in the mail, in recognition of their efforts.

Our Category Winners will now compete for our Junior, Intermediate and Senior trophies and prizes. We are proud to welcome University of Melbourne Associate Professor of Music (Conducting) Nicholas Williams as our Senior Judge.