Year 12 Religion and Society Guest Speaker

Last week, Ms Casey’s Religion & Society 3/4 class were visited by a guest speaker, Mr Geoffrey Brodie. Geoff is Director of Mission at St Patrick’s College Ballarat and the Peter Faber Fellow for Lonergan Studies. “Geoff is an experienced teacher of Religion and Society, having taught the subject for many years. It was helpful to have Geoff speak to the boys in Unit 3/4 Religion and Society’s inaugural year at Salesian. Geoff was able to highlight the significance and relevance of the subject in terms of not only the VCE, but in terms of the boys personal faith journeys”, reflects Ms Jennifer Casey.

“In early preparation for our exam later this year, our class participated in a Religion and Society course discussion with Guest Speaker Geoff Brodie. Through his presentation, our class was able to see exactly why and how he was so successful in the course over decades. He was extensive in his knowledge, and well balanced in expressing what information was needed to take into the exam and to do well in such. Geoff related the course to real life well, and was informative in answering the question of how to present who you are in the detailing of “I” and “I am.” Ultimately, the class was very grateful for having such an experienced and knowledgeable person go over the course for us. Thanks to Miss Casey too, for planning to have Geoff come and explain the course to our class.”

– Mitch Savic

Photo of Geoffrey Brodie – Source