SIMON Everywhere

Friday 24 July Update

SIMON/PAM Overview

Simon Everywhere is an App for smart phones that allows parents to access all information relating to their son such as reports, grades, attendance and much more. It also allows you to update medical information, give permission for excursions, access teacher emails and also receive notifications from the school.

Download the SIMON Everywhere App Guide

From 2020 all parents should have the Simon Everywhere app installed.

Download the guide to access the app on iPhone

Download the guide to access the app on Android

Video Key Topics and Times:

0:00 Simon Everywhere
3:30 Calendar
5:09 Student Details
5:29 Student Timteable
6:18 Social Behaviour
7:03 Attendance
9:04 Commendations
9:47 Learning Tasks
11:05 Letters
11:41 Lessson Plans
12:52 Email Staff
13:30 Medical Profile
14:13 Sick Passes
14:32 School Activities
15:01 NAPLAN

Accessing Remote Lesson Plans

We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and guardians for their support during remote learning in Term 2 and the valuable feedback that has been communicate back to the College. As we embark on the next phase of remote learning, we have made several adjustments to ensure an effective and meaningful learning experience for all students.

Find out how students and parents/guardians can access remote lesson plans via PAM in the video below.

Booking in a time for Learning Conferences Video

Find out how to to book a parent teacher interview for the learning conferences by reading this guide and viewing the video below.

Attending Remote Learning Conference Video

The remote parent student led conferences will be held via Teams. View the video below to find out more about how to access, and read this guide.