Language Week

From August 21 to August 24, 2018, the mid-point of Term 3, Salesian College Chadstone celebrated its Language Week. We had exciting events every day, in a great celebration of learning languages.

During the week we had different types of traditional Italian and Chinese food on sale for staff members and students at the canteen every day. We had the Gelato van and Chinese food van on the top yard on Tuesday. Students and staff members had a great experience on their food adventure.

Beside the delicious food, we also had different types of cultural activities. On Wednesday, students tried to play ‘Jian Zi’ – a traditional Chinese game on the Top Yard. This is a very old game, and some scholars believe the Jian Zi is the origin of the modern soccer game. The following day, students had two options for their Italian cultural experience; a famous Italian movie and Italian card games. Both activities helped our students to gain a better understanding of traditional Italian culture.

At the conclusion of language week, we had Baci chocolate from Italy. In Italian, one kiss is a “bacio”, more than one kiss is “baci”. The legend says that the young heir to the Perugina chocolate empire, Giovanni Buitoni, had an admirer, Luisa Spagnoli. At the time, Luisa was the wife of Perugina’s co-founder. Because their love was to remain secret, Luisa wrote love notes and wrapped them around the chocolates she sent to Giovanni for his inspection. Her affection inspired a tradition. This is where the “Baci” chocolate comes from.

On the other hand, several Chinese cultural workshops had been organised in the hall. Students had the opportunity to write their Chinese name in calligraphy on a fan. They also tried to make a Beijing Opera Mask and learnt that the Collinson colour means brave in the Beijing Opera Mask. In Rope jumping, Mr Wang showed off his excellent skills, as he is of Chinese heritage himself. Thank you to the Confucius Institute, La Trobe University for their time and effort organising such a great event for our students and staff.

For the quiz and poster competitions, we congratulate the winners: Bailey Mejia 12B, Raymond Lam 11B. Jack Martyn 10D, Jake Parente 9A, Nathan Kent 9B, Jerwin Arino 8D, Tomas Wrzesinski 7C, Tim Duong 7F and Camillo Angelucci 7C.

It was such an eventful week and we look forward to Language Week next year. This week could not run without the tireless effort of all language teachers. We thank Ms Bonne, Ms Barcellona, Ms Salemme and Mr Zhang.