‘Godspell’ the Musical

We hope by now you are aware that this year’s musical is Godspell and that it will be presented at Alexander Theatre, Monash University. Tickets are selling well, so don’t miss out. We can promise you vibrant music, some accomplished singing and dancing, amusing presentations of some gospel stories and an overall entertaining spectacle. Some enthusiastic students (and their teachers) have been working very hard in preparation for some great performances. Tickets can be purchased online by clicking here, or you can call the Box Office on 9905 1111.

Some parts of the musical are ready and practised often but some are only just starting to shape up. Obviously at this point of our preparation, we cannot stress enough the importance of these final rehearsals – the overall standard of performance improves immensely in these last few days. We are aiming high and at the moment have high expectations. We are pleased with how well the students have worked and cooperated with the demands of this venture. You will be very proud of what they have achieved and proud of the standard of their work.

In addition to the hard-working production team, we have also been keeping some others busy as well. To produce a musical you need a band, a program, a lighting plot, a sound system, some costumes, make up, sets and props, bus drivers, photographers, publicists and a myriad of other tasks. All this ‘behind the scenes’ assistance is often unsung but is extremely important for production of the overall spectacle. We hope all involved are aware of our appreciation of their efforts.

A special thanks goes to the parents involved in transporting students to and from rehearsals. We are sure you will probably be glad when it is all over, but are equally sure you will enjoy the end result. We would all like to thank you for all your help and cooperation. We really appreciate it. It is always a great and positive experience to see Salesian College and Sacred Heart Girls’ College students from Years 7-12 working so well together to achieve a common goal.

If at this stage you have not organised all your relatives and friends to come, now is the time to do so because signs are that it will be very entertaining. All we need are some large, enthusiastic audiences to ensure we can present the best of performances. It is really great to see what young people can achieve when they are given the opportunity to get involved. Do come along and enjoy the experience with us.

Adam Croft & Ken Nailon