Environmental Studies ‘Great Victorian Fish Count’

At the end of 2017, our Year 12 Environmental Studies ‘Headstart’ students were involved in the ‘Great Victorian Fish Count’ Citizen Science Event.

“The 2017 Great Victorian Fish Count was the most successful marine citizen science event the Victorian National Parks Association has run. It was the first time shark and ray species have been included in the count. In celebration of the additional ten new shark and ray species, the ‘Praise our Rays’ theme shone strong. The fish count was highly popular with a record breaking number of people partaking to make this event the biggest we have ever seen! There were over 700 participants taking to the water across 38 different sites along our beautiful Victorian coast. The target list of species now at 35, enables the ongoing monitoring of key species found in Victorian waters.”

– Excerpt from the Great Victorian Fish Count report.