School Improvement Plan

Our School Improvement Plan has hit the ground running in Term One, with all staff actively engaging in our newly allocated Wednesday afternoon meeting time. This extra time has allowed all staff to reflect on what our current and collective strengths are (in terms of our teaching and learning) and it has also given us the means to identify areas in which we think we could use a little improvement.

In response to this, we are setting up a new colleague-coaching program, which will see all teachers work together and guide each other to ensure optimal and tailored teaching in every classroom here at Salesian College. To this end, it will initially mean embedding learning intentions and success criteria in all classes, ensuring structure for every student and maintaining a clear focus for each lesson, topic and task.

What does this look like? Here are some examples of knowledge, understanding and skill building learning intentions:


  • To know about different types of energy
  • To know why rabbits are an ecological disaster


  • Understand the effects of diet on health
  • Understand why X causes Y


  • To be able to identify persuasive strategies used by the author within an argument
  • To be able to work as part of a team

Thank you to all in our school community who have been accepting of the change in our Wednesday timetable. We look forward to sharing further goals and updates in the future.

Miss Alexandra Tsiavis

English, Humanities and Oratory Teacher