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We celebrate and congratulate our students who achieved extraordinary study scores of 90 and above while balancing their education and responsibilities across their Year 12 Year.

Jake Johnston: 99.45
Kevin Kang: 99.2
Jayden Fernandes: 98.95
John Vayenas: 98.6
Emmanuel Louis: 96.75
Michael Legg: 96.75
Don Suraweera: 96.55
Dhruv Israni: 96.55
George Velgakis: 96
Kristian Aparo: 95.55
Marnav Deo: 93.8
Lachie Grewcock: 93.4
Nicholas Colaci: 93.25
Jayden Mun Wai Ng: 92.65
Sam Cherry: 92.55
Oskar Cislo: 92.4
David Hickey: 92.4
Eric Jason: 91.95
Sam Ison: 91.8
Dylan Be: 91.7
Adrian Dimar: 91.6
Jason Ho: 90.95
Jake Tabaczynski: 90.85
Gabriel Schiavello: 90.6
Alvin Yala: 90.25

Pictured: Year 12 students who earned ATARs of 90 and over with Principal Mark Ashmore.


We celebrate our 2022 Student Leaders who achieved study scores over 40 while upholding their responsibilities as role-models in our school.

College Vice-Captain Jake Johnston: 47 English, 47 Further Mathematics, 46 Mathematical Methods, 44 Business Management (Year 11), Physics 40
Savio Captain Emmanuel Lois: 48 English, 42 Business Management (Year 11)
College Vice-Captain Mitchell Wain: 41 English
Liturgy Captain Pramishka De Alwis: 44 English
Sports Ambassador James Triskelidis: 41 English
Collinson Captain Gabriel Schiavello: 41 English, 40 Further Mathematics
Annecy Vice-Captain Jimmy Gantelas: 41 English, 40 Business Management
Music Captain Alvin Yala: 40 English and The University of Melbourne 2023 Melbourne Principals’ Scholarships

Music Captan Alvin Yala, with Principal Mark Ashmore

Pictured: Music Captan Alvin Yala, who achieved an ATAR of 90.25 and received the The University of Melbourne 2023 Melbourne Principals’ Scholarships. Alvin is set to study Commerce at The University of Melbourne, with part of his course dedicated to his music interest.


The future is bright with the young people of tomorrow.

The Salesian College Chadstone community commends our Year 11 students who achieved study scores of 40 or above.

Peter Liptai: 49 Languages Hungarian
Hardu Ginoya: 48 Business Management
Samuel Yoshawirja: 46 Further Mathematics
Daniel Biviano: 45 Physical Education
Evan Di Stasio: 42 Business Management
Peter Holland: 42 Biology
Anthony Papalia: 42 Further Mathematics
Alex Iliuk: 41 Business Management
Alexander Phylactou: 41 Literature
Marcellino Baselyous: 40 Biology
Keyan Bowker: 40 Further Mathematics
Ruchith Navaratne: 40 Further Mathematics
Robert Taylor: 40 Further Mathematics

Pictured: 2022 Year 11 students who achieved study scores over 40. Missing from photo: Evan Di Stasio and Ruchith Akhila Navaratne