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2022 VCE Highlights and Results


The Salesian College Chadstone community commends all students from the Class of 2022 on the completion of their VCE and VCAL studies and acknowledges the dedication, commitment and support that staff and families have provided to ensure students reach their potential during the 2022 academic year.

2022 Dux

On behalf of the Salesian College Chadstone community, we congratulate our 2022 Dux, Jake Johnston, who achieved an ATAR of 99.45, putting him in the top 0.55% of all Year 12 students in Australia. Achieving a study score of 47 in English and Further Mathematics, 46 in Mathematics Methods and 40 in Physics, Jake is set to study Engineering and Commerce at Monash University.

Principal Mark Ashmore spoke to Jake about how he remained focused and committed to his learning and leadership responsibilities following the COVID-19 experience, and the key people in his life who provided him with support and guidance. We also hear about Jake’s plans for the future.

Read Jake’s interview below. 

Interview with 2022 Dux
Study Scores Over 40
"What allowed me to adapt so readily was the sheer enjoyment of being back on campus with all of my mates after missing their
company over the Microsoft Teams calls".
- 2022 College Dux, Jake Johnston

Bouncing Back

Pictured: Kevin Kang 99.2 (perfect 50 in Further Mathematics), 2022 Dux Jake Johnston 99.94 and Jayden Fernandes 98.95

Resilience and commitment to learning has been a key focus of 2022 as students and staff readjusted to face-to-face learning, uninterrupted. But it has been Salesian’s integrity and creative learning approaches that has meant all boys, regardless of their learning potential, have been nurtured to achieve their individual best.

College Vice-Captain Jake Johnston speaks about the role of authentic collaboration, motivation and support during a challenging time in the world.

“What allowed me to adapt so readily was the sheer enjoyment of being back on campus with all of my mates after missing their company over the Microsoft Teams calls. Throughout all of my studies, I have found myself working together and collaborating with my mates around me as we not only supported and taught each other, but also motivated each other through friendly competition. I found myself, especially in Year 12, to be driven by those around me who were also striving to be the best they could be. This method of studying not only pushed me to my limits but also strengthened the comradery with the boys around me. My Salesian relationships have taught me to be appreciative of the kind support which friends provide, and to cherish the vital role they play in my life.”

Read the full interview with College Vice-Captain Jake Johnston here.


VCAL Skills for Life

Bringing to life numerous social justice initiatives has been a key focus of our VCAL students, ensuring those less fortunate are prioritised, all while gaining certificates in hands on learning.

Led by VCAL Captain Athan Robotis, the VCAL cohort initiated a range of values led initiatives for community throughout the year, including championing the World’s Greatest Shave Fundraiser, raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation to end blood cancer. Students worked as a team to bring the project to life, raising an incredible $9,800 with their sausage sizzle, milkshake stall and shave-a-thon.
Leading the cohort by example, Athan successfully finished a Plumbing certificate during Year 12 and enrolled in an Electrical Apprenticeship. Prior to his February 2023 Apprenticeship commencement date, Athan is committed to working two jobs, and saving towards his first vehicle.

Pictured: 2022 VCAL Captain Athan Robotis

"My Salesian relationships have taught me to be appreciative of the kind support which friends provide, and to cherish the vital role they play in my life."
- 2022 College Dux, Jake Johnston

Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone

With three full-house performances at the Alexander Theatre (Monash University) in August, professional costumes and sets, and incredible performances from a cast of 48 students, this year’s 2022 College Production ensured this was a resounding success.

For Salesian students who in their VCE years, juggled their time between the Production and their senior years of schooling, they made new connections with the students of Sacred Heart Girls’ College, formed by a mutual passion for the Performing Arts.

Cultural Captain Liam Knight reflected, “the most valuable part of collaborating with Sacred Heart would have to be working with a whole new group of people with all new backgrounds, and making new friends along the way. I’m absolutely interested in pursuing a career in the creative industry, I feel that the future will continue to hold more and more opportunities for the creative industry, and there is no better time to get involved.”

– Liam Knight, Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast

Pictured: Salesian College Chadstone students with sister school Sacred Heart Girls College, performing the 2022 Beauty and the Beast Production
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Pictured: 2022 College Proxime Accessit Dux, Kevin Kat, who earned a perfect 50 in Further Mathematics.

As a Year 11 student, studying a Year 12 subject, Peter Liptai balanced his study superbly throughout the academic year. 

“Being part of the College Production has been a valuable learning experience and provided an opportunity to share my passion for performing with the rest of the College community. While collaborating with the students at Sacred Heart Girls College, I’ve not only worked on my communication skills but made new friends. The College Production has left me with lasting memories and I strongly encourage everyone to participate in some way, whether on stage or off.”

Next to 2022 College Proxime Accessit Dux, Kevin Kang who earned a perfect 50 in Further Mathematics and an ATAR of 99.2, Peter earned himself a near perfect score of 49 in Languages: Hungarian.

– Peter Liptai, Lumiere
View the Beauty and The Beast performance photos here.