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The Salesian College Chadstone community commends all students from the Class of 2019 on the completion of their VCE studies and acknowledges the dedication, commitment and support that staff and families have provided to ensure students reach their potential.

2019 DUX

Salesian College Chadstone congratulates 2019 Dux, Joseph Cefai who achieved an ATAR of 98.7; putting him in the top 1.3% of all Year 12 students in the state. Joseph achieved a study score of 45 in both Psychology and English, and a perfect score of 50 in Environmental Science. 

Joseph takes a moment to reflect with Principal Rob Brennan on how he remained focussed in a demanding final year of school. Acknowledging the importance of building a positive support network, Joseph recognises his relationships with family, teachers and classmates as essential factors to his success.

Read Joseph’s interview below.

Interview with 2019 Dux Joseph Cefai
Study Scores Over 40

Taking the Lead

College Captain, Bo De Silva 

We congratulate our 2019 College Captain Bo De Silva on his ATAR of 93.6, and acknowledge the level of commitment Bo has demonstrated in achieving this ATAR while balancing his responsibilities as College Captain. Bo achieved a study score of 40 in Visual Communication Design and 45 in English, and is set to study Architecture in 2020. Bo reflects, “As individuals, we are responsible for the decisions that we make, and for setting our goals and finding our passion in our lives. And our journey to achieve our own successes is made easy when we are surrounded by people who love us.”

Vice-Captain, Dimitri Adamopoulos

Bringing student leadership to action, Vice-Captain Dimitri Adamopoulos (ATAR of 89.4) has championed and executed his Vice-Captain role brilliantly, achieving study scores of 42 in Visual Communication Design and 46 in English. Dimitri is on track to begin a Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) at RMIT University.

Vice-Captain, Nick Thomas

Right beside Bo and Dimitri, Nick Thomas (ATAR of 89.3) has provided considered thoughts and positivity to the Vice-Captain role. Nick will be pursuing a Bachelor of Global Studies at Monash University Clayton.

Excelling far beyond their student leadership roles in 2019, College Captain Bo De Silva (centre) and Vice-Captains Dimitri Adamopoulos and Nick Thomas (left and right) achieved ATARs of 93.6, 89.4 and 89.3 respectively. 

Workforce Ready

Sebastian Toth

Testing his understanding of Visual Communication Design concepts in a real life scenario, Year 12 student Sebastian Toth secured approval from Mt Buller Tourism to pitch his concept for their new ski school identity. Sebastian dedicated countless hours to developing his ‘Ski Blitz Snow School’ design concept, translating this into branding suitable for Mt Buller’s ski jackets and a new resort chair lift ticket booth. Balancing the requirements of this project with his other subjects, Sebastian also achieved a study score of 43 in Studio Arts. Sebastian submitted his ‘Ski Blitz Snow School’ concept to the 2019 Design Awards for consideration. We congratulate Sebastian for securing his first university preference of a Bachelor of Architectural Design at RMIT University.


Nicholas Stathopoulos

Year 12 Student Leader Nick Stathopoulos’ commitment to football paid off in the NAB League Premiership, with his team the Oakleigh Chargers winning their fourth premiership in eight years. In his role as Collinson House Captain at Salesian, Nick led his house in fundraising efforts. He was awarded ‘Best Senior Performance at College and ACC Carnivals’ at the 2019 Sports Awards Night.

“It’s the negative perception of stress that we must change, so that we can harness it to our advantage.”
- Bo De Silva, 2019 College Captain
From the College Captain

Harnessing Stress to our Advantage

Stress says we care and that’s okay.

In a 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) study, 47% of boys surveyed responded that they feel ‘very anxious’ even if they are well prepared for a test.

In reflecting on the strategies he used to maintain a positive mindset in Year 12, 2019 College Captain Bo De Silva (ATAR of 93.6) acknowledges the importance of harnessing stress to our advantage. “Stress is something that people have been told to avoid. I believe that it is this negative perception of stress that we must change, so that we can harness it to our advantage.”

“I have realised that stress is a result of caring about ourselves. I think it is important to understand that stress is what keeps us going. It provides us with an incentive to avoid the negative situations we fear.” Read Bo’s Captain’s address here.