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VCE Highlights
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The Salesian College Chadstone community commends all students from the Class of 2018 on the completion of their VCE studies and acknowledges the dedication, commitment and support that staff and families have provided to ensure students reach their potential.

2018 DUX

Salesian College Chadstone congratulates 2018 Dux, Anthony Sirait who achieved a perfect study score of 50 in Legal Studies, Dux of three additional subjects and an ATAR of 99.6; putting him in the top 0.4% of all Year 12 students in the state.

As a Year 11 student in 2017, Anthony also achieved a perfect score of 50 in Business Management. Anthony is set to follow his passion of Commerce/Law at the University Of Melbourne in 2019.

Interview with 2018 Dux Anthony Sirait

Leading By Example

College Captain, Mark Linden

Mark’s focus in Leadership this year has been on supporting students through proposals to implement improvements to the academic culture within the College. These changes included revision lectures for the Year 12 students and a website for past students to become accessible as tutors to current students.

Mark is set to embark on an Undergraduate degree of Engineering (Honours) – Masters Accelerated Pathway at Monash University.

Vice-Captain, Adrian Nadonza

Bringing student leadership to action, Vice-Captain Adrian Nadonza has championed and executed his Vice-Captain role brilliantly. Following the release of Results, Adrian is on track to be entering Engineering (Honours) at Monash University.

Vice-Captain, Jamie Phung

Right beside Mark and Adrian, Jamie Phung has provided considered thoughts and positivity to the Vice-Captain role. Jamie will be following a legacy of past students into the field of Biomedicine/Engineering University of Melbourne in 2019.

Excelling far beyond their student leadership roles in 2018, College Captain Mark Linden and Vice-Captains Adrian Nadonza and Jamie Phung achieved ATARs of 96.55, 95 and 94.05 respectively.

Psychology Dux

Billy Drakopoulos

A clear highlight of the Class of 2018 was Billy Drakopoulos, who was Psychology Dux of Monash University, where he undertook his university extension program. Billy earnt himself an ATAR score of 92.5.

“The opportunity to study at Monash has enriched Billy and provided him with organisational skills that he will develop throughout his life. We also thank Billy’s teachers, who have mentored him and supported him in so many ways. We are forever grateful to Salesian.” Pam Drakopoulos

AFL Football

Richmond's Latest Recruit

While completing his final year of schooling, Class of 2018 student Riley Collier-Dawkins (Oakleigh Chargers U’18 midfielder and Vic Metro U’18 football player) was picked by Richmond Football Club (FC) in the 2018 AFL draft.

Standing tall at 193cm, Richmond FC recognised Riley as a “wonderful addition to our midfield mix, bringing a unique skill-set of size and power.” Riley cemented his status as a young up-and-comer to watch at the recent TAC Cup Grand Final, having excelled consistently in the Oakleigh Chargers’ finals season.

Riley is thankful to those who have supported him as a player. “I am grateful for my parents, who always look after me and ensure that I am taken care of away from the field, allowing me to do my best on the field.”

“Salesian has also assisted in my development as an athlete… I have appreciated having teachers who are able to assist me in maintaining a balance between football and other parts of my life.”

Riley reflected at the draft, “As long as you apply yourself, you can do anything. I grew up with great morals and got taught great lessons.”

Read about Riley’s AFL journey in our 2018 Summer Griffin magazine.

“I have appreciated having teachers who are able to assist me in maintaining a balance between football and other parts of my life.”
- Riley Collier-Dawkins
Connections Program

Sheneth Fernando

Regardless of their ATARs, we are incredibly proud of our students who embody the true spirit of Don Bosco and devote their time to assist those less fortunate. One such student is Sheneth Fernando (Class of 2018), who volunteered with the Connections Program for the entire six years of his education at Salesian College. Every Friday at lunchtime, Sheneth welcomed Oakleigh Connections visitors with intellectual disabilities to our school. Reliable and trustworthy, Sheneth has been a role model to his peers.

“As a student with a disability myself, I feel a connection with our visitors. I return every Friday to show compassion and loyalty to them,” reflects Sheneth. Sheneth’s compassion and dedication to helping others is a true credit to himself and his family. Read about Sheneth’s contributions to our community our 2018 Summer Griffin magazine.