Year 12 Reflection Day

The day started off with an introduction to the reflection day, with the key focus being around the main theme of the day, “What’s Next?”. Mr Andrews and Ms Dupuy talked about their experiences as Year 12’s, and gave their valuable insight regarding how to get through this time, acknowledging that life has challenges and that you can rely on family and peers to support you through this.

Following this, the oratories moved into separate classrooms and filled out a small worksheet regarding their thoughts and comments on the theme, as well as the quote of the day. After this and a recess, the oratories played games based on teamwork, from Finska to “the electric current game”. I noticed that throughout the games, there was growth in comradery between all the oratories’ classmates, which was wonderful to see.

Afterwards, the reflection day took a more serious and reflective approach. The focus of this part of the reflection was about overcoming adversities in life, in which Mr Augustus gave a heartfelt speech about adversities those he was close to faced and acknowledged that life has its ups and downs. The speech was then followed by the many classmates demonstrating immense displays of inner strength and courage, by discussing their adversities in life and how they overcame them. This was then followed by the boys giving affirmations to their classmates, and then reflecting on what they wanted to achieve in the future by writing a letter to their future selves.

After, the boys had lunch, in which it was evident that the Year 12’s had gotten much closer to each other throughout this day. Some students were playing frisbee, others chatting, but a memorable moment that I witnessed during this time was a group of boys playing soccer, with many Year 12’s watching and then running and cheering together after a team won.

The day then ended with a group photo and a visit to the College chapel, in which we were once again prompted to reflect.

I would like to thank Miss Zou and everyone else who helped plan and run the day. It was a day that I enjoyed, and it helped me grow as a person, and I’m sure many other of the Year 12’s can relate as well.

Sai Ande
Wellbeing Captain