Principal Blog – Term 1, Week 1 2024

Leadership in a Catholic School is synonymous with leading a community of faith, bringing to life the vision, mission, context and strategy into alignment in seeking to maximise student outcomes (Horizons of Hope).

A boy will learn best in a home that welcomes, a parish that evangelises, a school that educates for life, and a playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves. St John Bosco’s spirit of leading young people to know that they are loved is lived by teachers in the classroom and those with a leadership position.

To lead at Salesian College, one must be a faith leader – promoting the joy of Jesus. The joy of the risen Christ to young people is at the heart of being a Salesian educator and leader. Like Fr Cafasso spiritually guiding Don Bosco to develop his heart for the young in Chieri and Turin, leaders must guide our young men to engage with the gospel.

Secondly, Salesian leaders focus on learning to ensure every boy can find his place in the world and contribute to the wider society as “good Christians and honest citizens”. Don Bosco, during his work at Pinardi House at Valdocco, provides the guiding light for us to educate from the heart. It is leading with the heart that we support, grow and connect each boy in his academic pursuit.

A Salesian leader welcomes all – students, parents and staff and guests. Relationships are important, it is the pastoral support that helps our boys to belong and to experience joy in learning. Mama Margherita, mother of Don Bosco, welcomes a cold wet boy whom walks off the street seeking shelter in 1847. She provides example to us as Salesian educators and leaders to welcome and respect all.

Building the capacity of others in the school by coaching, mentoring, teaching and modelling will be a critical aspect of all leadership roles in the College. Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. He too is a model for us to work with people to help people improve professionally, and in some circumstances personally.

Don Bosco empowers others to lead the mission.

The College in 2023 undertook an extensive review and restructure of the staff Positions of Leadership to support the above aspirations for leadership in our Salesian context.

I believe one of the hallmarks of the health of any organisation is the preparedness of staff to apply for leadership roles. I am very pleased to say that at Salesian many staff have put themselves forward for Position of Leadership (POL) positions to serve our community. I am very grateful to all those who made application for positions of leadership during the process in 2023. I know the significant investment of time and emotional energy it taken to put oneself forward for these roles all the while understanding the uncertainty of the outcome.

Congratulations to the successful candidates and I wish them all the very best as they serve in these important roles that will help us achieve our intentions of the College’s Strategic Plan.

Positions of Leadership 2024-2026

Assistant Principal – Mission and Staff Culture Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching Klara Baka
Assistant Principal – Students and Engagement Richard Bourbon
Assistant Principal – Strategy and Organisation Rob Mercer
Catholic Identity Leader Daryl Barclay
Pastoral Care Leader Byron Chen
Curriculum Leader Andrew Sambell
Learning Outcomes Leader Matthew Brooks
Operations Leader Deb Rabot
Applied Learning Leader Kathryn Zwalf
Design and Digital Technologies Learning Leader Fatima Nazar
English Learning Leader Monique Capomolla
Enrichment Leader Hasan Talukder
Human Development Learning Leader Stuart Hill
Humanities Learning Leader Styron Augustus
Languages Learning Leader Alvin Zhang
Leadership Coach Louisa Seymour
Mathematics Learning Leader Gabrielle Rolfe
Performing Arts Learning Leader Matt van Emmerick
Religious Education Learning Leader Sarah Roberts
Science Learning Leader Emma Marsh
Sports Academy Leader Stephen Sellwood
Sports and Extra-Curricular Leader Jayden Hawkes
Visual Arts Learning Leader Ros Alyward
Wellbeing Team Leader To be Confirmed
Year Level Leader – Year 12 Lexi Tsiavis
Year Level Leader – Year 11 Daniel Cataggio
Year Level Leader – Year 10 Paul Azar
Year Level Leader – Year 9 Anthony Anastasio
Year Level Leader – Year 8 Craig Giles
Year Level Leader – Year 7 Olivia Raphael
Assistant Sports and Extra-Curricular Leader Steven Loonstra
Assistant Year Level Leader – Year 9 Nicholas Dunmill
Pathways Leader Damian McAuliffe
Careers Advisor Atul Khambete
EAL Leader Joyce McGrath
Graduate Coach Steven Loonstra
House Leader – Annecy Alexandra Cust
House Leader – Collinson Tom Andrews
House leader – Moroney Dane Rogers
House Leader – Savio Lisa Dupay
Liturgy and Retreats Leader Melina Barcellona and Amy Zhou
Global Citizenship Leader Jason Collins
Transition Leader Ashleigh Jones
Resilience Project Leader Ashleigh Jones
Public Speaking and Debating Leader Molly Herman


I also extend a warm welcome to new and returning staff to the College. I am certain that they will be warmly welcomed by our students, staff and families into the community and that they find joy in the experience with our Salesian charism.

Below is a list of new and returning staff to the College in 2024.

Teaching staff Operations
•        James Prowse •        Charmaine Park – Daily Organiser
•        Louisa Seymour IT
•        Olivia Raphael •        Gavin Kent – Network Engineer
•        Daniel Cataggio •        Jayden Harvey – Trainee / AV Support
•        Hasan Takuldar Instrumental music
•        Montana Eisenhauer •        Eleanor Bladon
•        Gavan Darragh Salesians
•        Jackson Turnbull •        Fr Brian Ahern
•        Edward Niu •        Br Foua Peato
•        Emma Woolley
Returning staff Movement
•        Ashleigh Campisano (Teacher) •        Montana Eisenhauer – junior music area
•        Declan Crowe (LDO)