Year 8 Literacy for Life

Recently, in our Year 8 Literacy and Life class, we participated in a snowball writing activity for our creative writing folio. This aimed to introduce us to descriptive creative writing in an engaging way. We each had a piece of paper with a picture prompt which was a guide to the start of a narrative in which we had 20 minutes to continue the story, while following rules like ‘show don’t tell’, and incorporating the senses. Once the 20 minutes was up, we scrunched our paper into a snowball and threw it into a pile, before picking another up and continuing the story as if we were the ones who had started it. The timer reset for another 20 minutes and we would repeat this process one last time until we eventually came up with a story that has the different viewpoints of three different people’s writing. This task provided us with an entertaining way to practice incorporating literary devices into our work, and made sure we maintained the same tense and point-of-view from the writing of previous students.

James M and Luka T
Year 8 Students