Year 9 & 10 Chinese excursion to Dunhuang Music College

The Year 9 & 10 Chinese excursion to Dunhuang Music College was truly an exciting day where we delved into the rich culture of China featuring a range of vibrant workshops that demonstrated a way of life that has existed in Chinese culture for many years. The day began discovering the art of Chinese Indigo Tie Dye, and we witnessed the intricate craftsmanship required to create traditional Chinese textiles using natural fabrics. This art form’s history and heritage fascinated me, emphasizing the importance of preserving traditional crafts and practices. Next, a demonstration of Kung Fu showcased the discipline, physical prowess, and rich history embedded in this martial art. It was not just a display of strength but a philosophical journey of self-improvement, Gong Fu as it is known in China. We were taught its greater meaning, past the concept of martial arts, that it was hard work (Gong) over a long period of time (Fu). The third workshop explored the intricate world of mask painting offering a creative yet peaceful outlet for the day. Our excursion in addition encompassed Gu Zheng instrument music lessons, introducing me to the mesmerizing world of Chinese music. Learning to play even a simple tune on this ancient instrument was a challenging and rewarding experience, highlighting the universal language of music. It comes without question that this excursion deepened our knowledge and appreciation for Chinese culture.