Year 9 Elective – Salesian News and Sports

During my first few classes learning and understanding this elective subject, Salesian news and sports. I was extremely excited and found many of the different units intriguing to me as time went on I loved it even more, I then knew the sports journalism world was a wild yet fantastic place. It has been a fantastic experience and I’m very grateful for the College giving me this opportunity. It has been a great ride whilst sharpening my English skills and following the love and passion of sport along with it. I’ve seen my peer’s growth and expansion on their journalism knowledge and understanding, throughout the term. Our teacher Mr Carter has been supportive every step of the way. By providing and allowing us to seek access to attend Term 3 ACC matches to interview coaches, athletes and supporters for our culminating assessment. When boys were struggling Mr Carter was always there to assist. Overall this elective was enjoyable and I’d highly recommend it for incoming Year 9 students at Salesian college Chadstone.

Aston K
Year 9