Year 10 English

To help develop our understanding of our current text, Shakespeare’s famous tragedy ‘Macbeth,’ year 10 was visited by ‘Complete Works Theatre Company. On the 31st of August, they performed a 3-person version of the play, focusing mainly on the characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as well as their motivations and related themes. After the hour long play full of quick costume changes, helpful quotes and short explanations of each scene, we got to have a Q&A with the three actors. There we discussed prominent themes, quotes, symbols and motifs. There was a particular focus on the symbol of blood, birds and the themes of guilt and the supernatural. Getting to actually see parts of the play let us experience what we have been learning about and helped us to understand the story and its themes and characters better as a whole. Overall, the performance was a fun experience and a great way to put what we have been learning into context. It also allowed us explore the themes, symbols, characters and their motivations in a more meaningful and tangible way.

Anton O
Year 10