2023 Science Week

This week in Salesian College, the Science Department celebrated Science Week. The theme for this year’s Science Week is ‘Innovation: Powering the Future’. To celebrate this week in the STEM field, the Science Department hosted several activities for students to participate in during lunchtime on Wednesday and Thursday.

On the Wednesday, a game of Kahoot linked to the Science Week theme of innovation, looking into the science behind making Australia and the world greener, as well as exploring innovation within Australia and its role in global progress. The Kahoot was played by students with great reception by all who played. Tangentially, there was short practical looking into the filtration of waste water in Australia through experiments looking at precipitation reactions. Through this, students were able to gain some insight into how impurities in our waste water can be detected and removed from water in looking at how, with chemicals, a precipitate can be formed and extracted from a solution.

Thursday’s lunchtime featured two more activities which were experiments looking into solar power and the pumping mechanisms helping hydropower continue to function. Within the solar power experiment, students observed how solar panels function through implementing them into circuits and placing them in varying light condition. Students also looked at the physics behind power generation in hydropower particularly in Australia’s own hydropower generators in the Snowy Scheme. This activity prompted students to construct a water pump, enhancing their understanding of how water within in the system can be continually used for power generation.

Year 12