Year 10 Re-Imagined Work Experience

Year 10 Vocational Minor students had the opportunity to participate in an re-imagined work experience program last term. We embarked on a journey to Box Hill Tafe with the day planned to give us insights into our own potential career paths and aspirations for the future.

At Box Hill Tafe, we were exposed to a wide range of careers with the main focus on trades, particularly carpentry, where we delved into the fundamental aspects of the trade. Learning to handle basic tools and setting up a laser for precise measurements were among some of the valuable skills we learned. We also had the opportunity to explore other fields as well, such as welding and architectural planning.

Some of the other students from the class spent the day at the Victorian Police Academy in Glen Waverley.  Their experiences were equally engaging and they returned to school with lots of stories to tell from their day.

Overall, this re-imagined work experience program was a resounding success, providing us with practical knowledge and insights into potential career paths for the future.

Peter K
Year 10 Vocational Minor