Road to Zero Visit

On July 24, VCE-VM traveled to the Road to Zero Museum in the city. The purpose of this visit was to raise awareness and educate the students about TAC’s crucial target to achieve zero road fatalities. Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to engage with various educational tools and experiences provided by TAC, including VR headsets, interactive games, and videos that taught students about road safety.

These resources were designed to impart essential knowledge about road safety, not only emphasizing safety options in cars but also empowering the students to become safer and more responsible drivers, which ultimately contributes to safer roads for everyone. The immersive experience even demonstrated the profound impact of car crashes at different speeds on both the occupants and the vehicles themselves, leaving a lasting impression on us all.

The students watched two road safety commercials, and then they were asked to create their own. The students created engaging and thought-provoking advertisements which included their own slogans and information about safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

This was a really positive experience for the students and left us feeling equipped with valuable knowledge and instilled a greater sense of responsibility in promoting road safety, especially considering that many of them have already obtained their driving licences and are navigating the roads on their own.

Christian G and Sam W
12 VM