Unit 3/4 Literature

This year in Unit 3/4 literature I have enjoyed working with a level of agency I have previously not experienced in any of my other subjects. In literature we focus on different aspects of novels, and it allows me to fully express my ideas. Our first two SACs focused on Bram Stokers Dracula, both the novel and the movie. The first part was a close analysis on the text, whilst the second part was a comparative on the movie and text. Our most recent piece, which was based on developing our own interpretations and fixated on the novel by Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock. Through this piece and analysing another secondary interpretation, I was able to use my knowledge of Australian history from last year to further explain and develop the ideas I had, that Lindsay demonstrated. This SAC we have coming up focuses on Tim Winton’s, The Boy Behind the Curtain, and is a creative piece, where we are given the freedom to write on topic we choose, and assesses the ability of us to mimic Winton’s style in our own piece. Finally, our last SAC will focus on the play Hippolytus, and will be a close analysis. Ultimately Literature both this year and last year has been a great way to express my own creativity in my work.

Kyle F
Year 12 Student