Unit 1 & 2 Psychology

Recently, students of the unit 1/2 Psychology classes engaged in the dissection of a sheep’s brain.  Students were provided with all the required equipment to undertake the task, a lab coat, protective glasses, gloves and the necessary tools to undergo the dissection.  Firstly, we were directed to examine the surface of the brain and the folds within the cerebral cortex. After which my teacher gave an insightful demonstration, where she outlined key regions to observe in our own dissections.  We were then informed to dissect and ablate the brain and identify the relevant structure.  This exciting experience allowed students to better understand the brain and its various structures. It additionally provided a real-world visualisation and practical application of our knowledge, which made the task at hand more interesting and engaging.

Through participating in this practical experiment, it rounded my own, and my classmates knowledge in the time leading up to an assessment.  Which in turn proved the experiment to be essential to our learning and to the area of study.

Ryan T
Year 11 Student