Year 7 World Around Us

World around us is a combination of science and geography it’s really fun and interesting.

In world around us the first thing we did was we learnt about the lab and it’s equipment. We also got our Bunsen burner licence! (that means we are allowed to use the Bunsen burner in the lab.)

After that we did our first graded experiment, where we had to pick between 3 problems. The first one was to find out if it takes twice as long to boil 200mls of water compared to 100mls of water. The second problem was to see if it was quicker to boil water with or without a lid. And the third was to see if it’s faster to boil water with or without salt.

We are also learning about the water cycle. We investigated and found out how much water different country’s use. We also found out how much water our own family uses. We used this online resource to assist us with our investigations, which was really helpful –

We also learnt that there are 3 main stages of the water cycle; precipitation, condensation and evaporation and all 3 stages are very important for the water cycle to run smoothly.

This week we are making clouds. The way we did this was bringing water to the boil. We switched off the gas and then put ice in a dish on top of  beaker of water. The ice will melt into a gas and that gas will become a cloud.

Zac B