Year 7 Camp

Camp, this year, would be different. Instead of it being with the kids I have known since Prep from my primary school, it would be with people I have barely gotten to know yet. I knew everyone from my Oratory, but have never even glimpsed at the other classes. Only after the three days did I realise that there was no need to worry about anything.

First, my Oratory went to the Enchanted Garden. At the Tree Surfing there, I tried to walk through my phobia of heights with no fear which was very difficult . Somehow, I made it through with no regrets.

Don Bosco Camp is a tiny palace. Although it is quite a small campsite, Don Bosco Camp has everything you need. A gymnasium, an indoor games room, a dining hall, one volleyball court and my favourite of them all, one Gaga Ball pit. Every second of free-time I got, I rushed to the Gaga Pit. It wasn’t just me either; around 20-30 boys would come play too.

The best activity we did (in my opinion) was paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is a completely new experience to me. At that time, I didn’t realise how fun it would be falling off and getting back onto the board.  All these things are memories I will always associate with this experience.

In conclusion, camp was amazing. Events I didn’t mention, such as, getting to know others outside of my Oratory, strengthening my relationships with my friends and sleeping with my pals in my tent and cabin, were all still things I will never forget.

Thank you, staff of Salesian College, for giving me this grand experience!

Emmanuel S – 7B

Safety Beach Don Bosco Camp was a great experience, especially for me, because it was my first school camp. My family and I have never been camping before, so sleeping in a tent, laughing at 10pm with cabin mates and not getting enough sleep were some really great moments for me.

The activities were really fun and I enjoyed the time away from home. From playing dodgeball in the gym against some teachers, getting in a straight line and waiting for dinner and watching 30 tired boys yelling at the TV while watching Geelong Vs Carlton on Thursday night.

My favourite part of the camp was the mass. It was a very peaceful time, and I enjoyed getting up and saying the prayers of the faithful. I also want to commend my fellow captains for getting up and saying a reading too.

Overall, I enjoyed the camp and can’t wait for what Year 8 camp and beyond has to offer.

Hugo P – 7F

On Wednesday, 22nd of March, all Year 7’s went on a bus to go to Don Bosco Camp in Dromana. 7A, 7B, and 7C went to the Enchanted Forest on Wednesday while 7D, 7E, and 7F went straight to the camp sight. On Wednesday we played a few amazing games with the camp workers. We also did an island “Survivor” themed competition. In that competition Annecy ended up getting out first. After that we had some free time, and after that activity, we started to make our tents. The tents were really hot inside in the afternoon, but in the night, it was nice and cosy. After we made our tents, we planted trees. I hope those trees will be large one day! After that activity, some boys had a shower while others decided to chill. We had rice with sweet and sour chicken, butter chicken and other foods for dinner. I recommend the sweet and sour chicken, it tasted so good! After that we split up into house groups and we played different games. Since it was getting dark, the teachers decided to give us two choices. We could either watch a movie, or do a night walk down at the beach. I chose to watch the movie because I was so tired!

On Thursday we stayed at the camp site all day doing more activities like gaga ball, tent pack down and stand up paddle-boarding. It was so much fun. We also went for a beach walk while picking up all the rubbish.  For lunch we had hotdogs (which were so yummy) but the stand-up paddle-boarding was my favourite part of the day. In the evening we had the choice to either watch the AFL or a movie. After that we went to bed.

On Friday classes 7A,7B and 7C stayed at the camp and did what classes 7D,7E,7F did on Wednesday and classes 7D,7E,7F when to tree surfing at Enchanted Adventure Gardens. First, we got harnessed up and went on the ropes course. On the course there were 5 different levels and it was a really good way to step outside of our comfort zone. After the ropes course we went to the tube slides. They were so fast! Then for lunch we had wraps and juice boxes. Then we got on the bus and came back home. Unfortunately, that was the end of our wonderful camp.

Zac B – 7D

During this year’s camp we did some fun activities with a side of learning.  My highlight for this camp was tree surfing and going to the beach on day 1. The boys put 100% into every single activity we did and really integrated the learning experience.

Day one: On day one we went tree surfing and then went to the beach, later that day at around 8:00 o’clock at night we went for a stride along the beach during our night walk.

Day two: Day two started pretty early for some people because some people went on a 5km run at 6:30 in the morning.  After that we went to the beach and went paddle boarding.  Later that day it was pretty chill and we had free time and planted some trees around the campsite.

Day three: On this day we were preparing to leave so we had a pretty calm day, we packed our tents had free time and sadly left, right on time for the weekend.

Jack K – 7A