Food Technology

This term we have enjoyed participating in the food subjects at our school. Three of our favourite things that we have experienced are: Being able to use a variety of spices to create different culinary flavors, we have learnt different types of cooking methods, and how to use a knife safely including the claw method. It’s great to be able to eat what we make and learning about the different sensory components of a food product. Taste, texture, aroma and appearance.

We have also learnt about different values of nutrients and why they are important to our diet. This includes the Australian Guide to healthy eating.

Ms Nugara is new to the school and is a great teacher. She has taught us numerous skills in the kitchen for us to hopefully use in the future. She taught us how to use different spices and herbs to create various flavours and how to use and write our sensory analysis. Our favourite parts of Food Technology were cooking different dishes in general and eating the food we made (as most would agree, this would be the best part). Below are some pictures of our San Choy Bow and some of the other dishes students’ have been cooking this term as well.

Christian E and James S