Bake Sale with 12VM

On Friday 24th of February, Year 12 Applied Learning kicked off the year with their first fundraising event with a Bake Sale. It was very popular amongst the students and teachers with all items being sold out by the end of lunch. There was a lot of preparation beforehand to get the Bake Sale ready for the day, from getting the recipes and baking the items to arranging the EFTPOS terminal. The biggest challenge was running the sale at Mannix and Bosco simultaneously, not to mention the rush to finish baking all the items on the final day. Luckily, we had many meetings in the lead up to make sure we were on the right track. This detailed planning helped us to successfully achieve a fundraising total of $300 which will be donated to Caritas Australia. Congratulations to everyone in Oratory 12VM for your hard work and thank you to everyone who supported the cause.

Kathryn Zwalf
Head of Applied Learning

Bosco Bake Sale

Mannix Bake Sale