Year 11 Chinese LOTE

“The Senior Chinese class (years 10 and 11) has recently completed our latest SAC. We were required to present a 3-5-minute speech in Chinese, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being an Australian high school teacher. After finishing our speeches, we’re required to answer 3 short answer questions about our speech, as this section is all completed in Chinese it enables students to test their speaking and listening skills. Whilst both sections are difficult, the short answer questions are the biggest struggle, as you cannot study directly for them. Therefore, it is important as language students we conduct small amounts of study every night, in order to prepare us for these types of assessments.

My preferred study method is watching Chinese cartoons, the animations add a level of enjoyment to the work as well as enabling me to improve my conversational skills. Following this assessment, the boys only have 1 AOS before we complete the year eleven course. Thus, the Year 11s are enjoying their final Year 11 topic before they move onto the Year 12 course, and the year tens are preparing to set their sights on VET Chinese in 2022. Regardless of the year level, all students will be working hard and engaging themselves whenever possible in the remainder of this year.”

Peter | Year 11 Chinese Language Student