ACC Sports Blog – 2/9/22

ACC Hockey 

Year 8 Hockey- The year 8 hockey boys played in a grand final yesterday with going through the season winning all matches. The boys took on Emmanuel, who we had a tight game with last time we played them during the season. The boys started well and hard, so did Emmanuel though with the score being 0-0 at half time. The tight tussle continued with the end result being 0-0 and the final going into a penalties. The boys went into penalties and did very well coming out champions on the day winning the penalty shootout. A big congratulations to all the boys and the hard work from the coach Mr. Azar. Really amazing achievement with going through the season not losing and winning the final as well. Well done to Emmanuel for making it as well and clearly had an amazing side. Well done to all the year 8 hockey boys, you should be very proud. Well done boys!

ACC Basketball

Year 8A Basketball- The year 8A basketball boys took on Whitefriars in the grand final yesterday. The boys knew that Whitefriars who finished on top without losing a game would be a massive challenge and a massive victory if they could win. The boys took to the challenge to Whitefriars, the boys played hard all match and it came down to the last 30 seconds with the boys being 3 points down. Unfortunaely we couldn’t get those 3 points back to get the lead to victory. Extremely amazing effort from Mr. Brooks the coach who put in hours of work to make this team successful. Coming from 3rd to get into the grand final is an amazing effort, well done to all the boys that played throughout the season in the A’s and B’s to get to this point. Well done boys!


Geordie Nagle | Sports Manager